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fresh-htmlA software to create and edit pages for the world wide web

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Fresh HTML Fresh HTML is a software to create and edit pages for the world wide web. Fresh HTML's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface makes editing HTML pages as easy as using your favorite word processor.

Here are some key features of "Fresh HTML":

  • CSS Styles inspector.
  • Tag Attributes inspector.
  • Button Generator Wizard.
  • Icon packs
  • Edit HTML through tree view interface.
  • Web site template
  • Spell check
  • Easier to create Table
  • ActiveX support
  • Java Applet support
  • Create marquee (running text), non W3C standard
  • Preview in browser
  • Background sound linking support (.mid, .wav, .au), non W3C Standard
  • JavaScript/VBScript Files (.js & .vbs) linking support
  • JavaScript/VBScript editing support
  • Support media player, quick time, real media, and flash movie files
  • Easier to set auto-refresh for URL self or any URL
  • Easier to set robots meta
  • Easier to set URL base and window target base.
  • Easier to set LINK: StyleSheet, Default Icon, Next, Prev, etc.
  • Easier to fill in Meta keywords, description & author. You can use it to optimize your site in search engines's position.
  • Scheme color template for background, text, link.

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Software rating: 8 / 10 points
Supported Languages: English, Croatian, German
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Our Rating: 8/10 points.

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  • Platform:Windows
  • Licenca:Freeware
  • Velicina:4,60 MB
  • Proizvodac:Website
  • Jezik:English
  • Objavljeno:
  • Osvježeno:21.09.2012
  • Preuzimanja:136
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