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MPlayer WW

mplayer-wwVideo and audio player

MPlayer WW Download - Published by

MPlayer WW MPlayer WW was specially built in order to be a fast, useful and easy-to-use movie and audio player.

The software can support many video and audio formats and it is easy to handle. Now you cna use this program to watch or listen to your favorite media.

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Software rating: 8 / 10 points
Supported Languages: English, Croatian, German
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Our Rating: 8/10 points.

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  • Platform:Windows
  • Licenca:Freeware
  • Velicina:9,60 MB
  • Proizvodac:Website
  • Jezik:English
  • Objavljeno:
  • Osvježeno:03.04.2013
  • Preuzimanja:229
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