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vuzeA freeware Java based BitTorrent client

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Vuze Vuze is a Java based BitTorrent client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop ¸seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents.

Vuze is a BitTorrent client with multiple torrent downloads and instant access to information. It also has an embedded tracker that is easily set up and ready to use.

Here are some key features of "Vuze (formerly Vuze)":

  • VuzeMultiple torrent downloads
  • VuzeUpload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent
  • VuzeAdvanced seeding rules
  • VuzeAdjustable disk cache
  • VuzeOnly uses one port for all the torrents
  • VuzeUPnP sets the forward on your router
  • VuzeCan use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications
  • VuzeFast resume
  • VuzeCan set a default download dir and move completed files
  • VuzeCan import torrents automatically from a set dir
  • VuzeHighly customizable interface
  • VuzeIRC plugin included for quick help
  • VuzeEmbedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)...
  • VuzeDistributed Hash Table: host on it a completely decentralised torrent and/or benefit from it when the tracker is offline

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Software rating: 9 / 10 points
Supported Languages: English, Croatian, German
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Our Rating: 9/10 points.

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  • Platform:Windows
  • Licenca:Free (Ads)
  • Velicina:8,40 MB
  • Proizvodac:Website
  • Jezik:English
  • Objavljeno:
  • Osvježeno:09.01.2014
  • Preuzimanja:399
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